Co-occurrence between Alcohol Use and Tuberculosis among Patients in Othaya Level 4 Hospital


  • Mugure Kariuki Caroline Africa Nazarene University
  • Simon Muthomi Africa Nazarene University
  • Elizabeth NJani Africa Nazarene University


Alcohol,, Alcohol abuse, Tuberclosis, ecological systems theory


Although the government and partners have made significant investments in Tuberculosis (TB) prevention and treatment over the last 20 years, tuberculosis remains the fourth leading cause of death in Kenya. Alcohol intake, particularly heavy consumption, is a significant risk factor for tuberculosis. This study sought to establish the association between alcohol abuse and tuberculosis prevalence in Othaya Level 4 hospital, Kenya. The study was anchored on the ecological systems theory and employed descriptive survey design. The target population of this study were patient attending TB Clinic in Othaya Level 4 hospital. The study sample targeted 47 Tuberculosis patients enrolled in Othaya Level 4 hospital clinic, one clinical officer, a nurse, a social worker and a public health officer. Both quantitative and qualitative techniques were used in data collection. Data was collected using structured questionnaires, focus group discussions and key informant interviews. Findings from this study were presented in form of tables and graphs and narration for quantitative and qualitative data respectively. The study found that that 40% of TB patients had low-risk consumption while an equal number had hazardous or harmful alcohol consumption respectively. The results showed that 20% had a score of over 15 meaning that they were alcohol dependent. Age (p=0.0013) and marital status (p=0.013) were statistically significant for alcohol abuse whereby young respondents (<40 years) were 1.484 times likely to have alcohol abuse. Married respondents were 7.2 times likely to have alcohol abuse. Participants identified lack of adequate knowledge on the part of healthcare givers, ignorance and illiteracy on the part of the patients as well as culture as the barriers to overcome alcohol dependence. FGD participants recommended health education and support in overcoming alcohol abuse in treatment of TB.






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