Effectiveness of Treatment and Rehabilitation Programs for Drug and Substance Dependence in Mombasa County, Kenya


  • Ms.Fatuma Kuyeya Moi University


Substance use, Relapse, Effectiveness, Treatment & Rehabilitation


Drug and substance abuse is a major public health problem worldwide especially in developing countries with Kenya being among the most affected countries in Africa. Research reveals high prevalence of substance use in the country with Mombasa leading in the Coast region. The associated detrimental effects in almost every aspect of life development necessitates for effective prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. An effective treatment should respond to mental, medical, legal, financial and family needs. The study strived to examine the effectiveness of treatment and rehabilitation programs for drug and substance dependence in Mombasa County, Kenya. A cross-sectional design was employed to evaluate three facilities with a sample size of 80 participants. Data was collected using questionnaires, in-depth interview and observation. Descriptive analysis was used for quantitative data while qualitative data was analysed thematically with logistic regression and paired sample t-test at CI 95% and p-value of <0.05 was considered significant. Findings revealed the programs had both pharmacological and non-pharmacological services with management of co-morbidities reported at 57.7% and vocational training (15.4%). Most of the service providers (80.8%) were trained on counselling. A 38.9% relapse rate was ascertained and among the associated factors was not being in support groups (OR=3.25, p-0.04). The programs were effective in improving the health, social and legal problems associated with substance use. It was established that the programs were mainly offering open access services and adhering to the recommended National and International Standards of substance use treatment. However, the study found that relapse rate was still high which is in line with other previous studies done in the Country. The study recommends the County government to establish a structured treatment facility and incorporate vocation training in recovery plan to ensure meaningfully engagement of the substance users and avoid idleness.

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  • Ms.Fatuma Kuyeya, Moi University

    Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics,
    School Of Public Health






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Effectiveness of Treatment and Rehabilitation Programs for Drug and Substance Dependence in Mombasa County, Kenya. (2021). African Journal of Alcohol and Drug Abuse (AJADA), 6(1), 3-14. https://ajada.nacada.go.ke/index.php/ajada/article/view/34

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