Prevalence of Depression among Female Injecting Drug Users (FIDUs)

Study of a Drop-in Rehabilitation Center in Nairobi County, Kenya


  • Anundo Jacqueline Department of Psychiatry, School of Medicine, College of Health Sciences, University of Nairobi,


Drugs and Substance Abuse, polydrug users, depression, drop-in rehab center, Comprehensive Care Clinics


Female injecting drug use needs to be addressed urgently because of its association with depressive symptoms. Females with the habit of getting drugs injected into their bodies have significant needs which expose them to a high risk of diseases making them vulnerable to depression and other psychological morbidities. The study was carried out to explore the extensiveness of depression among females injecting drug users in Nairobi County, Kenya. A cross-sectional design was used in the study while purposive sampling was used to recruit 149 participants aged above 18 years. Sociodemographic questionnaire, Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST) and Becks Depression Inventory (BDI) were used to collect data. Data was analyzed quantitatively using frequencies and percentages using SPSS version 21. Most respondents were unemployed (83.2%) and single (81.9%) whose ages ranged between 26-40 years. Even though the risk level for heroin was notably high compared to all other drugs, alcohol products seemed to be the most commonly abused by female injecting drug users followed by tobacco products and khat. This is an indication that most participants are poly-drug users. There are scanty studies on female drug users that have been carried out in Africa to objectively evaluate the relationship between depression and female injecting drug users. Most studies focus on men or generally do a combined study of both males and females. This fact implies that issues associated with female IDUs are not well documented which raises a possible concern for policy makers to develop suitable regulations that revolve around needs affecting these females. It would be vital for harm reduction strategies to be implemented in all drug programs and Comprehensive Care Clinics (CCC).






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Prevalence of Depression among Female Injecting Drug Users (FIDUs): Study of a Drop-in Rehabilitation Center in Nairobi County, Kenya. (2019). African Journal of Alcohol and Drug Abuse (AJADA), 1, 45-54.

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